A jazz vibraphone player stands out. The instrument is not easy to put in the back. The sound demands attention and the action of playing the instrument grabs a hold of the ear and the eye.

It is an instrument of the musical acrobat, and it is not only about amazing feats of technique and showy musical drama. Tenderness is equally acrobatic, but with an energy that, although seemingly quieter and calmer, is as able to grip and hold on tight.

Wolf inspires with his touch, a touch that flows easily from his hands and fingers through the mallets and onto the beautiful bars. They belie their innocent “just sitting there floating above”-ness, above the assembly of the resonator tubes. He challenges their innocence and plays with them, teasing infectious soundscapes out of them, setting them resonating, and ringing melodic adventures.

He is a drummer and a piano player, too, and those musical windows give his artistry perspectives that reach beyond any creative confines. There are no limits when perspective is influenced by diversity. With that in the mix, Warren Wolf, the jazz vibraphone player, stands out.