Alex Bird and Ewen Farncombe team up on moody album Songwriter

The Juno-nominated jazz duo of vocalist Alex Bird and pianist Ewen Farncombe have just released a new album of all-original material called Songwriter.

The 11-track recording is the third on which the two of them have worked together as the Jazz Mavericks.

Earlier this year, the Toronto-based band earned a Juno nomination for Bird’s sophomore album, You Are the Light and the Way. They also released the Thanksgiving single The Sweetest Moments this fall.

The new album Songwriter promises “deliciously dark tones” and “stormy sonic landscapes.” Inspired by the classic recordings of Tony Bennett and Bill Evans, the two musicians reflect on a broad spectrum of human moods as well as the act of songwriting itself.

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Here’s the track listing:

  1. This Song is Ours
  2. I’ve Seen the Sun
  3. The Soul I Left Behind
  4. Nighttime Grooves
  5. Symphony of Love
  6. Raindrops (Falling Down)
  7. If You’re Not Laughin’ (You’re Cryin’)
  8. What’s Inside
  9. I’ll Go Where You Lead
  10. Tiny Warbler
  11. Songwriter

Alex Bird and Ewen Farncombe’s Songwriter is out now.