The Artistry of… Aaron Diehl

The artistry of Aaron Diehl sneaks up on you — a quietude that belies the enormity of the spirit and energy behind his musicality, music making, and performances.

His background musical foundation is in classical music, and maybe this is where the steadiness of the grounding of his music comes from — or maybe it is all about who he is? That “who he is” factor is a blend, an intersection of two worlds of piano and two worlds of mindset arriving at the same destination. Arriving at an apex in the artistic mastery of Diehl.

There is the unique discipline of mastering a classical art form that is the bedrock to Diehl’s flights on the keyboard. In his own words, he describes the influence of classical music on his artistry: “I have always been fascinated in the piano’s range of tone and colour … I try to maintain an awareness of sound and nuance. The music of the masters of the world of classical piano forces a respect for sophistication and complexity, and at the same time provides an accepted challenge to the artist’s comfort zone.”