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    • Staff Desert Island Picks

      Stranded On a Desert Island Picks!  What albums would our Jaymz Bee need to take with him, if he were stranded on a desert island?  The albums he can’t live without?  

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    • Interview: Bill Frisell’s Big Year

      Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore speaks with guitar legend Bill Frisell

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    • Randy Bachman gears up for TD Toronto Jazz Festival gig

      Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore speaks with legendary songwriter and guitarist Randy Bachman ahead of his TD Jazz Festival appearance

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      It’s Monday and that means Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore shares his top picks for your arts and entertainment week ahead

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    • JAZZ.FM91 has been acknowledged internationally for its programming!

      It has been a very good year.  We're happy to announce that we've just picked up 3 new awards at the International Radio Awards in New York City.

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