Once, backstage, I saw him — serene, focused, gathered, and collected. He was not tuned out; he was very tuned in. It seemed meditative, but it may have been a myriad of seemed things. Only he could know, but to me, seeing him there, just before walking out into the lights, he owned the moment. The essence of the moment. It was like he could hold time.

When he sings, he owns time. It does not stand still but it does what he wants it to do. He makes it sound as if the only time that matters is the time he is there and singing. Singing, to you, for you, in front of you, because of you, and in so many ways I believe his soul is singing in spite of you.

Denzal Sinclaire, the artist in creativity, is a moment to capture. Everything he does is a fresher form. It is clean and takes time, not about slowing or winding down and away, but by taking its own time, making its own time. Now, take a moment — take one of his — hold on fast to it, let it happen to you. A Denzal Sinclaire moment. It is as I saw him backstage. Serene, focused, gathered, and collected.