Update: This event is currently at capacity. Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Twice a week, Brad Barker and Heather Bambrick come together for the Bunker Report to catch up and keep things light and fun, bringing you their usual banter in unusual times.

Now, you can join in on the fun.

The Virtual Bunker Report is your chance to join our physically distanced studio audience.

Brad and Heather are inviting you into the bunker via a video call with a handful of friends. Get ready to test your knowledge with some of our favourite Bunker Report quizzes, and maybe even pose a few questions of your own. You never know what the topics are going to be — music and life, the strength of the Earth’s gravitational pull, or anything in between.

Pour yourself a little something, grab a comfy chair and join Brad Barker and Heather Bambrick for some fun and games with the Virtual Bunker Report.

Invitations are our thank-you gift for your donation of $150 for one person, or $300 for a couple. Dates are TBD.