The Artistry of… Veronica Swift

Imagine a little gentle mischief; the ability to conjure an audacious calm; fearlessness, but without flouting respect; and a haunting spirit that deeply engages you in a way that renders you unable to turn away from any of its moments. That is the uniqueness and freshness of the artistry of Veronica Swift.

There is bravery and courage in originality, but it requires the cavalierness of creativity. Creativity is the current that makes Swift’s voice so welcome and accessible, while still pushing the edges out to almost unrecognizable limits. Then, just as you may feel you are lost on her musical paths and flights of fancy, she leaves and weaves modal hints of textures and melody, soul and tradition. It grounds you just enough to let you feel some magic and modest trickery in the harmony of the lines you know you can now hear, and then not, and then hear again.

Veronica Swift’s performance is an adventure of sublime bridging — connecting with the tradition of the pasts and the reachings of contemporary sound. Take the journey, and you will be held fast from start to finish.