The Artistry of… Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett’s career of 70-plus years is halted by the ravages of the onset of tragic cognitive decline. He trained his voice early in his career on the GI Bill after World War II and has been easily one of the best ambassadors of the Great American Songbook. Bennett’s wife and son are in the point positions caring for him. That is all about the strength and love of family.

Bennett has Alzheimer’s disease, diagnosed in 2015. One of music’s beautiful mysteries and magics is its ability to wonderfully stimulate the minds and lives of those with dementia. Especially the song. Lyrics are seemingly amazingly remembered word for word when other abilities fail.

There is a beautiful tribute, an article that speaks to music’s magic and mystery and the embracing buoyancy of loving and caring family support. Sadly, not everyone has that. The article, by John Colapinto, is in the pages of AARP Magazine. Listen, love, enjoy, and use the energy of sadness to send caring vibes. Tony Bennett is a great American music treasure.