Tommy-Lee Metcalfe was born in Barrie, Ont., in 1991.

Metcalfe was born into a musical family; his father was a rock drummer playing in various bands through his childhood. He began playing the drums at the age of 11. Living in a separate household to his father, he attained most of his music education on his own. Through listening to a plethora of music and watching live concert DVDs, Metcalfe began to forge a voice on his instrument.

At age 18, he moved to Niagara Falls to pursue a job as a crew member maintaining drums, and as a lighting technician at the Avalon Ballroom. There, he was exposed to a multitude of different styles of music and different types of players. This atmosphere led him to pursue an education in music at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont.

Metcalfe is currently a member of Grammy-nominated Green Jelly, the DTK Trio, the Advancing Low-Lives, Joshua Pascua and The Pants, and Tonedefs (A Tribute to Deftones). He has played with such acts as Marble Weed, Mel Monaco, Cam Bogle and Midnight Sons. He also teaches at the Royal Windsor Plus Music School in Oakville, Ont., and from home in Hamilton.