Voice Tracks with Dani Elwell

Veteran broadcaster and programmer Dani Elwell isn’t a vocalist (except in the shower), but she sure does have respect for them. With her one-hour weekly evening program Voice Tracks, Dani explores the newly breaking and long-treasured vocalists who deserve to be showcased in the world of jazz.

With a healthy tie-in to JAZZ.FM91’s specialty stream RESPECT: The Best in Vocal Jazz, she’ll also share context and insights into this storytelling language, with clips from artists themselves.


  • Tuesday
  • with Dani Elwell

Dani Elwell

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Toronto, Dani Elwell is a broadcaster and award-winning writer and programmer. In her 37-year career, she has worked with CFNY, the CBC, CBS, CKFM, CKLN, Q107 and JAZZ.FM91. She has taught at Humber College and has been heard on various radio, TV and internet commercials in North America. She prides herself on being able to carve out creative spaces in the airwaves. Dani currently serves as JAZZ.FM91’s creative and programming strategist.

Programs: Voice Tracks

Contact: dani@jazz.fm