Dinner Jazz with John Devenish

The best in classic and contemporary jazz designed to take you from the day that was to the night that is.


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  • with John Devenish
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  • with John Devenish
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  • with John Devenish
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  • with John Devenish
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  • with John Devenish

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John Devenish

John Devenish is a musician and actor with professional experience on stage, in film, on television and on the radio. John completed a four-year tuition scholarship to the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec with a degree in musicology. He also attended acting workshops under George Luscombe at Toronto Workshop Productions. He has done voice work for podcasts, short films and other features, and he has contributed to major art installations in Toronto and Ottawa. He was on the inaugural Wychwood Barns Community Association board of directors and is established professionally in the social and developmental service sectors.

Programs: Dinner Jazz

Contact: john@jazz.fm