BLUZ.FM with Danny Marks

BLUZ.FM brings you all the colours of the blues every Saturday night. Blues is the bedrock of much of our music today, and we celebrate that in all its glory. Our adventure in the blues is deep and profound.

The show takes off at 7 pm with an exotic hour we call Beyond the Fringe, easing into the mix with a blend that lets your imagination unfold. As the show moves along, we dive deeper into the blues with themes like Blues Mamas, Jazz Divas and Soul Sisters, Great Names in the Blues, It Came From Canada, Eh!, The Eleventh Hour and The Land Where Blues Began.

It’s been said that blues is the root, and all else is the fruit. Let the blues bloom for you. Ride the wave to midnight every Saturday with Danny Marks.

An aficionado of the great blues singers of the ’30s and ’40s, Danny Marks was one of the first guitarists to incorporate blues roots into rock music.

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