AO Russ Little

The music making has a stamp of Canadiana all over it and proudly so. He has shared his artistic generosity with many iconic all-Canadian institutions in music, and music for entertainment and sports programming. The sound is a virtuosic, sweet, lyrical, and melodious one. Russ has been connected to or continues to be affiliated with: The great 70s powerhouse rock band Lighthouse, the late Archie Alleyne, The Boss Brass, and extensive arranging and conducting of music for Canadian television productions including the heralded Canadian comedic sketch comedy series SCTV. An outstanding member of the legions of players who are part of the definition of the horns heavy Toronto sound his signature is an integral part of the cherished foundation of Canadian jazz and rock music. Russ supports musicians by appearing as guest artist on many recordings and in live performances; generously supporting the ongoing tradition of exciting and creative music making in Toronto and beyond. It’s a Canadian way. A statesman of the music he continues to lead and mentor and the artistry is in the unflagging promotion and support of a dynamic music community.