The Artistry of… series is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society Music Project.

A New Yorker by birth, the guitar player, composer and educator grew up in a household with a richly varied collection of recordings; everyone from Coltrane to John Williams, The Beatles and the band Cream. He’s an alumnus of the New World School of the Arts and the University of Miami. In school his artistry saw him excel and propelled him forward. His body of work is as varied as the recordings collection he grew up around. He has played 20th century art music with The New World Symphony and has played with the progressive rock band Third Wish. He is humble, creative, and passionate about music. An interviewer with Greece based online magazine JazzOnline asked Kreisberg about his greatest success as a musician. Words of the answer tell the story: “…I think It’s hard for a jazz musician to talk about success…you are on a constantly evolving journey. You set artistic goals, but even as you seem (to) achieve them, the goals are changing and new ones are being created… My success is that I am able to live a life full of music and opportunities to communicate with others using that language.”