The Artistry of… series is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society Music Project.

If the just-around-the-corner, suddenly-romance-beauty-adventure-playfulness, take-a chance-on-me-ness of New York City came alive it’d be Bill Charlap. If stories told in music were told from a great musical storybook, The Great American Songbook, would be that book and if it was personified, it’d become Bill Charlap. What does it sound like to take a ride downtown, past the park, or across the bridge, or when the skyline glows at night? It sounds like Bill Charlap. Now if all those years ago Mickey mischievously took up the Sorcerer’s  wand and everything it touched in New York City made spectacular music you’d have conjured a little Bill Charlap. The artistry is with a little pocus and cadabra. It’s music enchanted.