We seem to be getting in the habit of thanking you…

Once again we would like to thank all of the more than 1,700 JAZZ.FM91 listeners and supporters who took the time to donate during and prior to our recent holiday fundraising campaign. Your ongoing and growing support continues to be a source of inspiration to everyone on-air and behind the scenes here at JAZZ.FM91.

At a time when all of us long to be with family and friends, the experience of this recent campaign — and all of our campaigns during this very unusual year — reminds us that we are all part of a community that loves good music and good radio, and that cares about the people who make those things possible.

We had hoped in this campaign to present more live music for you to enjoy, but as you are aware, current pandemic-related restrictions made that impossible. We are committed to rescheduling and presenting those artists — and more — as soon as we are able to do so safely.

Thanks to you, we raised more than $260,000 in the nine days of our on-air appeal, once again surpassing our admittedly conservative estimations prior to the campaign. This support allows us to move forward into 2021, cautious but confident that we will continue to bring the high-quality broadcasting you expect of us while planning and preparing for a slow return to “normal” over the course of the next year.

In addition to welcoming several hundred new members of the JAZZ.FM91 community, we also want to take a moment to thank those who, having supported the station in the past, took the decision to recommit to JAZZ.FM91. This is tremendously validating and tells us that we are headed on the right path. And as always, thanks to the many perpetual donors who are the lifeblood of this organization.

In two short weeks on Jan. 1, 2021, we will mark 20 years since CJRT-FM switched to a 24-hour jazz format. Few could imagine at the time that we would continue to grow and succeed as the leading voice for jazz — past, present and future — in our country. We are, as ever, grateful you have chosen to be part of that journey.

All the best to you and yours over the festive season and in these challenging times. We look forward to bringing you more great music in 2021 and beyond.

Thank you.

Michael Booth
Operations Director, JAZZ.FM91