Our gratitude continues…

With so much uncertainty these days, it has been truly inspirational for all of us here at JAZZ.FM91 and in the broader music community knowing we can rely on your consistent and seemingly indefatigable generosity.

Once again, we would like to thank the more than 1,500 JAZZ.FM91 listeners and supporters who took the time to donate during and prior to our spring fundraising campaign. Your commitment and dedication brought us to a nine-day total for this campaign of more than $255,000.

Few of us could have imagined a year ago that we would still be in this strange limbo and unable here at JAZZ.FM91 to present the live music and experiences so intertwined with our mandate to bring our listenership the best music every day. Yet if some good has come of these strange times, perhaps it is the reminder of what is truly important to us. So many of you shared your stories with us this campaign and took the time to tell us what our presence on the air has meant to you over the last 12 months.

Once again, we saw a surge in new and, importantly, returning donors joining the JAZZ.FM91 family. We must also thank our perpetual donors, many of whom chose to “top up” in this campaign and without whom we could not do what we do.

We continue to plan for a safe reopening of venues and the presentation of live music for broadcast here in our own studios, including one day welcoming donors, and our many dedicated volunteers, back to JAZZ.FM91. In the meantime, we pledge to continue discovering music together.

It is tremendously validating to know we have been there for you. Thank you for being there for us — again.