The new Toronto jazz collective She’s Funny That Way is striving to encourage and exemplify diversity and modernity in jazz with their contemporary takes on classic standards.

The vocal trio features the talents of Joanna Majoko, Alisa Kanda Kovac and Alisha Oliver. Together, they’re paying homage to women in jazz by reimagining a collection songs for the 21st century with updated lyrics and arrangements but a suitably retro style.

“She’s Funny That Way strives to carve a space in the arts community for minority groups to encourage inclusivity and positive change in Toronto’s music scene through leading by example, and normalizing collectives composed of artists from all backgrounds,” the group writes in their mission statement. “SFTW aims to reinforce the cultural significance of women in jazz by paying homage to female jazz artists who are often overlooked in modern day jazz education and the music industry at large.”

She’s Funny That Way’s debut EP Baby This, Baby That! features five jazz standards inspired by historical recordings performed by women including Julie London, the Andrews Sisters and the McGuire Sisters.