A recently discovered 1960 recording of Sheila Jordan will be released this year, adding an important chapter to the singer’s musical history.

Comes Love: Lost Session 1960 was recorded on June 10, 1960, at New York’s Olmsted Sound Studios for the little-known Chatam Records.

Produced from a recently unearthed acetate disc, the album offers an early but instantly recognizable look at Jordan as she performs a set of standards.

Comes Love predates Jordan’s 1963 Blue Note debut Portrait of Sheila by more than two years, making it her earliest-known recorded session.

Yet it’s a somewhat mysterious chapter; Jordan has no recollection of the date or the names of her trio of accompanists. At the time, Jordan was working regularly at the Page Three Club in Greenwich Village, often with pianists John Knapp or Herbie Nichols, bassists Steve Swallow or Gene Perlman, and drummer Ziggy Willman. Some of these musicians may be heard on Comes Love, but no one knows for sure.