Salome Bey’s iconic self-titled debut album gets digital reissue, 52 years later

Longtime fans and newer listeners of the late jazz and blues icon Salome Bey now have the chance to listen to the digital reissue of her rare self-titled debut album.

The album was reissued on April 21, exactly 52 years after it was first released, in celebration of the vocalist, composer and actress known as “Canada’s First Lady of the Blues.”

The album was originally recorded in 1970 and released through the Canadian Talent Library. It features Bey’s signature performances of classics like George Gershwin’s Star Dust, Gilles Vigneault’s Mon Pays and Rick Kardonne’s Hit the Nail Right on the Head, along with original compositions by Bey, Russ Little and Rick Wilkins.

Less than two years after her passing, Salome Bey’s light continues to shine brightly. Recently, Canada Post honoured her with a special commemorative stamp.

The release of Bey’s debut recording provides an opportunity for jazz and blues fans of all kinds to both discover and rediscover her rare musical gems that led to a very long list of accolades.

You can listen to the digital reissue of Salome Bey here.

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