Some of the enchantment of the storyteller’s magic is the way they tell the story — how they make it come alive and how, with their own devices, they entice you and encourage you to follow them on the adventure they present. It’s like they’re stretching out a hand, beckoning you into the realities they are creating right before your ears and eyes.

Robin McKelle is a vocalist, and she is that kind of storyteller. Her devices are in her voice manifesting as sweetness of inflection and tonal play. It comes from a rich list of some of the greatest storytellers. If you are going to be inspired, names like these from a treasure of different generations and styles are some of the best places to source and absorb: Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse, Sade and Janis Joplin, just to start. Truly a deep, varied, vocally textured list.

It does not stop there, as McKelle’s musical storytelling magic finds a tight weave with the band. The accompaniment is telling the story in tandem, and there is an added depth and a kind of cast or troupe energy to the sharing and delivery of the full ensemble. Soulful and adventure-generous, when you next want or need a story told that takes you on a journey and away into a beautiful reality, follow McKelle and let your ears go.