Robert Diack is a drummer, producer, and composer whose music is grounded in the jazz tradition and explores the genre’s possible futures.

Born in 1993 in Toronto, Robert Diack attended Humber College’s community music program before studying jazz for two years at the University Of Toronto. Robert found his way back to academia after moving to New York City enrolling at The School of Jazz at The New School and graduating (online) last year. Robert has made a return to the University of Toronto where he is presently completing a master’s in jazz performance.

Robert has released 1 full length album, titled Lost Villages, completed a second, titled Small Bridges, which will be released in the upcoming months (a single from which is on streaming services), and is currently in the process of recording a third album. As a producer, Robert recently completed Hannah Barstow’s successful debut album Beneath with more projects being booked presently. As a drummer he can be heard playing jazz, country, and pop music, with ESTYR, David Madras, and Patrick O’Reilly.