From a young age, Reese Bartlett’s parents enrolled her in various activities, but none of them stuck until she found music. In elementary school there was a music program. Once the students reached Grade 5, they could pick what instruments they wanted to learn. This is when Reese chose to learn the drums. At this time her parents also enrolled her with a private teacher out of school. During the time in elementary school, Reese learned how to play classical percussion as well as rock music. After graduating elementary school, she then went to Centennial Secondary School which had an arts program. Reese was a music major and a visual arts minor. This ignited Reese’s passion for music. In high school, she discovered the jazz band which she was instantly drawn too. This led to her getting a different private teacher who could teach Reese how to play the jazz drums. During high school, she dedicated herself to music. Reese graduated high school with rhe Guido Basso Award and the Concert Band Award. She then applied and got into the York University music program. Reese will complete her bachelor of fine arts degree in April of 2022 and hopes to continue contributing her life to music.