Playlist: Reel Jazz Radio – Feb. 16, 2019

From the Paris Blues soundtrack:

Duke Ellington with Louis Armstrong – Wild Man Moore

Duke Ellington – Take the A Train

Duke Ellington – Paris Blues Theme

From the In Cold Blood soundtrack:

 Quincy Jones – Seduction


From the Banning soundtrack:

Trini Lopez – The Eyes of Love

From the In the Heat of the Night soundtrack:

Ray Charles – In the Heat of the Night

From the For Love of Ivy soundtrack:

Shirley Horn – For Love of Ivy

B.B. King – You Put it On Me

From The Lady Sings the Blues soundtrack:

Diana Ross – T’ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do 

From The Wiz soundtrack:

Mabel King – Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News

Nipsy Russell – Slide Some Oil to Me / Now Watch Me Dance

From The Color Purple soundtrack:

Tata Vega – Miss Celie’s Blues (Sister)

Tata Vega – Maybe God is Tryin’ to Tell You Somethin’

From the ‘Round Midnight Soundtrack:

Bobby McFerrin – ‘Round Midnight

Dexter Gordon & Lonette McKee – How Long Has This Been Going On