9 to 10 p.m. Irene Torres – Ordinary Woman Jeremy Ledbetter –  About Climbing Mountains (Feat. Larnell Lewis) Bernie Senensky – Beloved Gift  Diane Roblin’s Lifeforce – Back On Track  Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny – True Blue  Jocelyn Barth – I Didn’t Know About You Colleen Allen – Coronation Street (feat. Marc Jordan) Lou Pomanti – Come Together (feat. Marc Jordan & Robyn Black)  Tia Brazda – Cabin Fever Slim Moore & The Mar Kays – Cool Breeze   10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Victor Bateman – Rocking on Queen Pat Collins – Halfway There Mike Murley Trio – Isfahan The Ostara Project – Little Ones Hisaka – Straighten Up And Fly Right  Constantly Moving Happiness Machines – Gummy Bear Reprise  Laila Biali – Autumn Leaves  David Buchbinder’s Odessa Havana – Coffee Works Robert Priest – Ali (feat. Bobby Wiseman) Jackson Welchner – When U R