Playlist: Jazz in the City – May 7, 2020

Hour 1

Barbra Lica – So in Love (feat. Lou Pomanti)

Peter Appleyard – Satin Doll (feat. Barbra Lica)

Reg Schwagger – The Alchemist’s Dream (feat. Don Thompson)

Don Thompson – Gone Astray (feat. Genevieve Marentette)

Genevieve Marentette – True (feat. Mark Kieswetter)

Mark Kieswetter & Ross MacIntyre – Recado Bossa Nova

Shannon Butcher – I’m Just a Girl (feat. Mark McLean)

Mark McLean – Everything is Beautiful (feat. Marc Rogers)

John Finley – Let Me Serenade You (feat. Larnell Lewis)

Larnell Lewis – The City Lights

Amy McConnell & William Sperandei – I Wish You Love (feat. Robi Botos)


Hour 2

Robi Botos – Calhoun Square (feat. Mike Downes)

Mike Downes – In the Current (feat. Colleen Allen)

Colleen Allen – Runwenzori 

Holly Cole – Too Darn Hot (feat. John Johnson)

Oddessa Havana – Bajo Mundo (feat. Hilario Duran)

Hilario Duran – Yemaya Olodo (feat. Roberto Occhipinti)

The Triodes – Blue Pepper (feat. Phat Al and Micheal Occhipinti) 

Micheal Occhipinti’s Shine On – Across the Universe (feat. Elizabeth Shepherd)

Elilzabeth Shepherd – Heavy Falls the Night (feat. Scott Kemp)


Hour 3

Scott Kemp – Nut Crackin’ (feat. Bobby Hsu)

A Sondheim Jazz Project – So Many People (feat. Alex Samaras)

Chelsea McBride’s Nights School – Revolution Blues (feat. Alison Young)

Alison Young – Mood Indigo (feat. Sly Juhas)

Richard Whiteman Trio – In the Still of the Night (feat. Brandi Disterheft)

Richard Whiteman Quartet – Cotton Tail (feat. Amanda Tosoff)

Amanda Tosoff – Daffodill (feat. Alex Goodman)

Alex Goodman – Style Brise (feat. Andrew Downing)

Andrew Downing – All Alone on the Mountain