Playlist: Jazz in the City – May 23, 2019

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge
Adrean Farrugia – Mourning Star
Sophia Perlman & The Vipers – Old Devil Moon
Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra – Until I Met You
Jesse Barksdale – It Could Happen to You
Daniel Barnes – Five O’Clock Shadow
Mark Kelso – Fred’s Fast City
The Jay Danley Band – Mulatu
Zim Zum – Theme From a ’60s Movie
Julian Fauth – Mean Old Train
Ken Whiteley – Omar Khadr’s Blues

Hour 2

Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express – Bantu
The Triodes – Blue Pepper
Metalwood – Isthmus of Drum
Monkeyhouse – Checkpoint Charlie
John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra – Marta’s Vineyard
Fran Jare – Together Again
Brandi Disterheft – Twilight Curtain
Mark Kieswetter & Ross MacIntyre – Recado Bossa Nova
The Cookers feat. Johnny O’Neal – Dream Blues

Hour 3

John Sherwood – Cakewalk
Carol McCartney – The Shadow of Your Smile
Brian Dickinson – Moonshine
Andrew Scott – The Days of Wine and Roses
Christian Overton – Chasing Ghosts
William Carn – Time Flies
Tara Davidson – Battlescars
Teri Parker – Strange Dreams
June Garber – The Man that Got Away
Roger Clown – Bye Bye Blues