Playlist: Jazz in the City – May 20, 2021

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge

Laura Fernandez – Que Mas Quieres de Mi

Chloe Charles – So Far Away

John Finley – Party Party

Oakland Stroke – Fire (Feat. George St. Kitts)

Bill McBirnie – Poinciana

Caity Gyorgy – Postage Due

Caity Gyorgy – Bye Bye Blackbird

Ilana Waldston – Buffalo City of Dreams

Ted Quinlan – Go West

John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra – Seven Dead Ataris


10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Big Rude Jake – Steppin’ Out Under the Moon (feat. Maragaret Stowe)

David Clayton Thomas – Goin’ Down Gamblin (Feat. Bernie LaBarge)

Kevin Breit as Johnny Goldtooth – A Horse By Any Other Stripe

The Tiki Collective – Caravan (Feat. Eric St-Laurent)

Nichol Roberts – Ponzi Scheme Boogie 

Friendly Rich – Low Low Low 

GHT – Ladies From the ’80s (Feat. Nathan Hiltz)

Robi Botos – Calhoun Square (Feat. Lionel Loueke)

Elvis Bossa Nova – Viva Las Vegas (Feat. James Robertson)

LMT Connection – Big Bad (Feat. Leroy Emmanuel)

The Triodes – Blue Pepper (Feat. Michael Occhipinti)


11 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Michael Occhipinti – In Orbit 

Robb Cappelletto Group – Scare Tactics

Eric St-Laurent Trio – Iglibu 

Gia & The Unpredictable Update – Frankentank (Feat. Reg Schwagger)

Rez Abbasi Trio – Major Major

Phil Disera – Footprints 

Tony Quarrington – Flying Away to Waikiki 

Manteca – Busking In Deadwood (Feat. Nick Tateishi)