Playlist: Jazz in the City – March 19, 2020

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge

Tia Brazda – Cabin Fever

Gene Hardy – Why Don’t You Do Right?

Denielle Bassels – Little Boats

Robi Botos – Violet

Peter Campbell – Wild is the Wind

Bartodz Hadala – EST

Genevieve Marentette – While There’s Still Time

Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin – Berlin I

Eric St-Laurent – Bliss Station

Don Francks – Tea for Two

Andrea Superstein – What Goes On

The Beehive Singers – Girl on the Moon


Hour 2

Shuffle Demons – Cat Walk

Les Petits Nouveaux – Cat Nip

Jacob Gorshaltzen – Home

Kalya Ramu – Little One

Lori Cullen – Strange Is This Life

Jake Wilkinson – Colton Raine

The Tiki Collective – Harlem Nocturne (feat. Joanna Majoko)

Bill McBirnie – Poinciana

Jaymz Bee & The RJO – Goosebumps

Wagner Petrilli – Choro Prar Lembrar

Maurizio Guarini – Zombi


Hour 3

Brett Higgins – Atlas Revolt

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble – Leviathan

Zim Zum – Florina

Avatar – Agra

Payadora Tango Ensemble – Niebla Oscura

Ted Quinlan – Twilight Sky

Diane Roblin – Back on Track

The Triodes – Black Disciples (feat. Jeff Coffin)

David Statham – Baby I’m a Fool