Playlist: Jazz in the City – March 12, 2020

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge

Jay Danley Band – Clean Water & A Bag of Rice

Daniel Barnes – Five O’Clock Shadow

Aldo Lopez Gavilan – Costa Del Mar Egio

Avery Raquel – Dreaming

Hannah Barstow – Barefoot

Roberto Occhipinti – Marketo

Russ Little – Midnight Sun

Jesse Barksdale – It Could Happen to You (feat. Sophia Perlman)

Meliisa Lauren – Always True to You in My Fashion

Worst Pop Band Ever – Wayne’s Shorts


Hour 2

Robi Botos – Old Soul

Yvette Tollar – Prayer for Human Kindness

OKAN – Quick Step

Jeff “Tain” Watts – The Impaler 

Alex Samaras – So Many People

Sim Moore & The Mar Kays – Cool Breeze

Jake Koffman – Larura

Jon Feldman – The Kind Effect

Bev Taft and Nathan Hiltz – Soft Colours By the Sea Wall


Hour 3

Molly Johnson – What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Heavyweights Brass Band – Booze Hounds (feat. Jay Douglas)

Jacob Gorshaltzen – The Painting (feat. Denzal Sinclaire)

Karrin Allyson – Trieste

Thompson Egbo Egbo – It’s Not That Serious

Ted Quinlan – Twilight

The Mark Kelso Jazz Project – Ghost

Christopher Plock – Paper Moon 

Jeff Healey – Some of These Days

BeBop Cowboys – Duncan Swings

John Sherwood – Wave