Playlist: Jazz in the City – June 13, 2019

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge
David Statham – Baby I’m a Fool
Swing Shift Big Band – Doxy
Combo Royale – Cats Got Kittens
Colin Hunter & The Starlight Orchestra – Learnin’ the Blues
Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny – True Blue
Maureen Kennedy – Yesterdays
John Alcorn – Clear Out of This World
June Garber – It Was a Very Good Year
Bob Brough – Entity
Toronto Jazz Orchestra – Chazz

Hour 2

Andrew Downing’s Otterville – All Alone on the Mountain
Dan Fortin – Smithereen
John McLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra – I’m All for You
Heather Bambrick – I’m Gonna Sit Right and Write Myself a Letter
Julie Michels and George Koller – Love Hurts
Cecile McLorin Selvant – Wives & Lovers
Ranee Lee – What’s Going On?
Laila Biali – We Go
Zim Zum – Theme from a ’60s Movie

Hour 3

Owen Watt – Carlito’s Tune
Owen Watt (with Bobby Carcasses) – Green Dolphin Street
Tony Quarrington – Fly Away to Waikiki
Danny Paradise – Stuff
Ethan Ardelli – Agua
John Sherwood – Wave
Emilie-Claire Barlow – Sunshine Superman
Elise LeGrow – Who Do You Love?
Margaret Stowe – Pluto Is a Planet
Combo Royale – Longshot Blues