Playlist: Jazz in the City – January 2, 2020

Hour 1

Elvis Bossa Nova – Viva Las Vegas

Raoul & The Bigger Time – Get Out of My Life Woman

Chris Simmons – Caravan

Colin Hunter – All or Nothing at All

Terri Parker – Strange Dreams

Canadian Jazz Quartet – Blue Bossa

Mike Downes – Momentum

Jordana Talsky – Devil May Care

The Tiki Collective – I’ll Be Seeing You (feat. Jessica Lalonde)

Andrew Downing – Otterville

Alison Au – Aureole


Hour 2

Mark Kelso – Ghost

Diane Roblin – Modal Moods

Diane Roblin – Back on Track

Chelsea McBride – House on Fire

Dan McCarthy – Bleyto

Coco Love Alcorn – The Keeper

Andy Ballentyne – Unfit for President

Tune Town – The Monks of Oka

Tune Town – Sophisticated Lady


Hour 3

Eric St-Laurent – Bliss Station

Ted Quinlan – Twilight Sky

Les Petits Nouveau – Catnip

Jane Bunnett & Maqueque – The Line Up

Laila Biali – We Go

Elise LeGrow – Who Do You Love?

Elise LeGrow – Drinking in the Day

Barbra Lica – Nashville

Caity Gyorgy – Two Left Feet

Andy Ballentyne – All Stops to Oshawa

Marc Jordan – The Nearness of You