Playlist: Jazz in the City – February 20, 2020

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge

Don Thompson Trio – East of the Sun

Alison Young – Cedar Root

Shuffle Demons – Cat Walk

Monkey House – Shotgun

Colin Hunter – Learnin’ the Blues

Mark Godfrey Quintet – Square Peg

Mark Godfrey Quintet – Bucket List

Julian Fauth – Mean Old Train

Gavin Hope – Alfie (feat. Bill King)

Manteca – Avant Cool

John Alcorn – Whole Lotta Love

John Alcorn – Isn’t It Romantic


Hour 2

Shannon Butcher – Just a Girl

The Tiki Collective – I’ll Be Seeing You (feat. Jessica Lalonde)

Melissa Lauren – End of the World

Nathan Hiltz – Tea for Two

The Hiltz Family Singers (aka Samways) – Low Tide on Grand Prix

Tyler Yarema – Mardi Gras In New Orleans

Red Hot Ramble – All on a Mardi Gras Day

Wagner Petrilli – Choro Prar Lembrar

Wagner Petrilli – Sailor’s Plea

Ron Davis & SymphRonica – Popeye the Sailor Man


Hour 3

Adam Makowicz – Tatum on My Mind

Kristjan Randalu – Absence

Mike Murley Trio – Isfahan

Barry Romberg’s Random Access – End of an Era Part 2

The Collective – All Too Soon (feat. Jocelyn Barth)

Collective Order – Outside My Window

John MacLeod And The Rex Hotel Orchestra – I’m All for You

Andrew Downing’s Otterville – All Alone on the Mountain

Terri Parker – Strange Dream

Ted Quinlan – Twilight Sky

Bill McBirnie & Bernie Senensky – Blue Bossa