9pm to 10 pm
Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge (theme)
Robert Lee – Burton’s Bounce
Barry Elmes Quintet – Pierre Burton’s Pig
Denielle DeLange (Bassels) – Cool Cool Water
Denielle DeLange (Bassels) – Little Boat 
JV’s Boogaloo Squad – Squad Goals 
Diane Roblin – Back On Track 
Eric St-Laurent – Bliss Station
Ted Quinlan – Go West 
Brian Dickinson – Moonshine
Mike Downes – Momentum 
10pm to 11pm
Blackburn Brothers – My Train
Julian Fauth – Mean Old Train
June Garber – Just For A Thrill (Feat. Jackie Richardson)
Jackie Richardson – Here’s To Life
John McLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra – B.V.
Whitney Smith’s Big Steam Band – Steam Engine
Kalya Ramu – Little Ones 
Rita’s Parlour – St. Louis Blues (Feat. Rita DiGhent)
Joel Haynes Trio – The Time Is Now
Mark Eisenman Trio – Temperance 
11pm to 12 am
John Finley – Money Love
Queen Pepper – One Step Closer To Home 
Andrew Scott – Days Of Wine & ReHab
Barbra Lica – Coffee Shop
Ken Whiteley – One World Dance
Avery Raquel – You’re Mouth Is The Door 
Zim Zum – Theme From A Sixties Movie 
Alex Pangman – Melancholy Lullaby 
Lawrence Cotton – You Go To My Head 
David Restivo – Palermo Street Scene 
David Shaw – Blues Enigma