Playlist: Jazz in the City – April 25, 2019

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo lounge

Laura Fernandez – Un Solo Besso

Whitney Ross Barris – Jockey Full of Bourbon

Ilana Waldston – On the Streets of Paree

Eric St-Laurent – Secrets

Avi Granite 5 – Orbit

Tom Reynolds – Cosmopolis

Dave Young – Sir William

JV’s Boogaloo Squad – Squad Goals

John McLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra – Green Stamp

Barbra Lica – Nashville

Michael Occhipinti – In Orbit


Laila Biali – We Go

Ted Quinlan – Go West

Jane Fair-Rosemary Galloway Quintet – Stickin’ with Nick

Bonnie Brett – Watching the Detectives

Beverly Taft – Soft Colours by the Sea Wall

Parker Abbott Trio – Octopus

John MacMurchy’s Art of Breath – Working Title Blues

Alison Young – Cedar Root

Jake Wilkinson – Colton Raine

Julie Michels and George Koller – Bridge Over Troubled Waters


John Pittman – Moray Crossing

Bill McBirnie – Recado Bossa Nova

Tom McDermott – Pineapple Rag

Marc Jordan – The Nearness of You

Don Francks & Genevieve Marentette – Things Foolish & Favourite

Danielle Bassels – Little Boats

Ellen Doty – Give Love

Tony Quarrington – Flying Away to Waikiki

HeavyWeights Brass Band – Blurred Lines

Heather Bambrick – Get Happy