Playlist: Jazz in the City – April 16, 2020

Hour 1

Lou Pomanti – The Boogaloo Lounge

Ken Whiteley – One World Dance

Canadian Jazz Quartet – Blue Bossa (feat. Bill McBirnie)

Barbra Lica – Scarlet O’Hara

Denielle Bassels – What About Wool Wishbags

Bruce Cassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra – Mannenburg

Diane Roblin’s Life Force – Back on Track

Geoff Keezer – Life on Mars

Colleen Allen – Runwenzori

Sophia Perlman & The Vipers – Once Smitten, Twice Shy

Tim Ries Rolling Stone Project – Satisfaction


Hour 2

Peripheral Vision – Whistle Up a Rope

Peripheral Vision – Mutual Humiliation Society

The Candy Shop Boys – Black & Tan Fantasy

Sly Blue – Ritz Empire (feat. Chris Norton)

Tony Quarrington – Flying Away to Waikiki

Tony Quarrington – Ghost of Django

Phil Disera – Foot Prints 

Terri Parker – Strange Dreams

Ted Quinlan – Go West

Lily Frost – Lover Come Back to Me

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – Revolution


Hour 3

Bebop Cowboys – Duncan’s Swing

Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra – This Butt’s for You

Dave Young-Terry Promane Octet – A Night in Tunisia

Barry Elmes Quintet – Pierre Burton’s Pig

Shirantha Beddagae – Baker’s Dozen

Shirantha Beddagae – Pork Chop

The Royal Jelly Orchestra – Celebrity Identity Crisis

John Cheesman – Seven Dead Ataris