Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – Nov. 5, 2021

Stan Wies – Work Song

The Billy Van Singers – You’ve Got the World By the Tail

Tony Messina – I’m a Jazz Man

Hildegard Knef – Holiday Time

Fuzzy Love – Space Oddity

Maylee Todd – Summer Sounds

Cacique and His Tribe – Spooky Doo

Dusty Roads Rowe – Baby Your Love’s in Town

The Ensemble of Seven – Quiet Village

Fresh Air – Kill Yourself

Dick Hyman – Alfred the King of Disco

Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power

Mort Garson – Hair

Ted Knight – Hi Guys

Jim Bacchus & Phyllis Diller – Delicious

The Four Beards – The Beard

Art Carney – Sheesh, What a Grouch

Kurt Elling – The Uncertainty of a Poet

Lara Solnicki – Pass a Glass