Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – May 15, 2021

Brass Impact – Baubles Bangles and Beads

The Free Design – Blowing Bubbles

Lara Solnicki – Idée Fixe

Shooby Taylor – Indiana

Theremonial – Berlin Ghost Opera

Mr. Scruff – Whalefish (Feat. Shanty Town)

Kevin Hearn, Michael Ray & Laranah Phipps-Ray – Hello

Sun Ra – Seductive Fantasy

The Devil’s Anvil – Salem Alai 

Herb Alpert – Casino Royale 

Enoch Light – Bond Street

Friendly Rich – The Sacred Prune of Remembrance 

L.Ron Hubbard – Windsplitter 

The Swingle Singers – South American Getaway

St. Dirt Elementary School – Poppy (Mash-Up)

Fuzzy Love – Spooky Magic Woman

The Royal Jelly Orchestra – American Woman (Feat. Frank Nevada)