Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – June 5, 2021

Al Jazzbo Collins – Goldie Locks & The Three Bears 

Jim Backus – Delicious (feat. Phyllis Diller) 

Eden Ahbez – Full Moon

Tony Randall – Nature Boy

Paolo Busato – Nature Boy

Fred Lowery with The Anita Kerr Singers – I Whistle a Happy Tune

Paul Rothman – Scoobidoo Love

The Sid Dale Orchestra – Tut-Tut-Tutti 

Harry Stoneham – Taboo/Quiet Village

The Forbidden Five – Enchanted Farm

Fuzzy Love – Space Oddity 

Kali Bahlu – A Cosmic Telephone Call

Friendly Rich – Willow Weep for Me

Fred Spek – Happy Days Are Here Again

Michael Franks – Laughing Gas

Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny – Up, Up and Away