Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – July 10, 2021

Kahil El Zabar – America the Beautiful   

Frank Sinatra – High Hopes (aka Back Jack)

Louis Armstrong with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross – Cultural Exchange

Gil Scott-Heron – Whitey on the Moon

Cacique & His Tribe – Don’t Make Waves

Billy Bang – Illustration

Billy Van Singers – You’ve Got the World by the Tail  

Carl Strygg – A Criminal Mind

Fred Spek & Camp Combo – The Christians are Boiling

Fresh Air – Kill Yourself

Francis Cannon $& The Extraterrestrials – A New Race   

Louis Armstrong HLR – Remember 

El  – What a Wonderful World  

Art Carney – Sheesh! What a Grouch! 

Norman Riley – Colors

Kit Ream – Don’t Be So Holy Over My Souly 

John Finley & Michael Fonfara – A Change Is Gonna Come