Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – Jan. 7, 2022

Mr Scruff – Whalefish

Leonard Nimoy – You Are Not Alone

Paul Anka – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tim “Love” Lee – The Word (feat. Cabor Szabo & Gary MacFarland)

Thelonius Moog – Yes, We Didn’t 

Robert Passera – Musicarello Decamerrotico 

Optiganally Yours – Bionic Whale 

Maylee Todd – Summer Sounds 

Les McCann – The Harlem Buck Dance Strut 

Azymuth – Montreal City 

El Chicano – Coming Home Baby 

Fred Wesley & The JB’s – Blow Your Head 

Headhunters – Skank It

Hildegard Knef – Im 80 Stockwerk

Dick Hyman – Arthur the King of Disco

The Ensemble of Seven – Avante Garde Village (Quiet Village)

Ozo – Kites