Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – Feb. 4, 2022

Anthony Hopkins – Ordinary Man

Bette Davis – Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Jack Parr – Funny What You Learn

Tony Randall – Nature Boy

The Odd Couple Opera – You’re So Vain (feat. Jack Klugman and Tony Randall)

Adam West – Orange Coloured Sky

Burt Ward – Orange Coloured Sky

William Shatner – The Thrill is Gone

Leonard Nimoy – You Are Not Alone

Billy Van – You’re Wrong

Jeff Goldblum – Born Freaky

Art Carney – Sheesh! What a Grouch

Ted Knight РHi Guys

Jim Backus & Phyllis Diller – Delicious

Fabio – When Somebody Loves You

Rodney Allen Rippy – Make Life a Little Easier

Regis Philbin – Exactly Like You

Charo – Let’s Spend the Night Together

Melleny Melody & The Syncopated Symphonies of John Henry Nyenhuis – Ocean Liner

Sheldon Allman РLittle Black Things 

Joe Pesci – Dearly Beloved