Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – Dec. 11, 2021

Barnyard Drama – Guess What, It’s Christmas 

Ingrid Von Biffenfeffen – Sleigh Ride

Jef Farquharson – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas 

Don Jones – Bigfoot 

Frances Cannon & The Extraterrestrials – UFOs are Here

Elephant Château – Dreamings

Kit Reams – Don’t Be So Holy Over My Souly 

Royal Jelly Orchestra – Closer to the Heart 

Dick Hyman – Alfred, The King of Disco 

Fuzzy Love – Strawberry Fields 

Club Des Belugas – Straight to Memphis

Fred Spek’s Camp Combo – Crying in the Gloom 

Sam Sacks – Blues in Orbit 

Ed Legare – Special Friend of Mine