Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – Aug. 14, 2021

Peter Appleyard – There Will Never Be Another You 

The RJO – Closer to the Heart (feat: Roger)

Maylee Todd – Summer Sounds 

Lara Solnicki – Idee Fixe 

Adi Braun – Ninghe 

Jef Farquharson – Walking on the Moon

Marie Veronique – The Liar 

Paolo Busato – Vincent 

Carl Strygg – One Fine Morning

Thugs at Bay – Intertwined 

Michael G – Don’t Hesitate

Chadwick Barley & The Four Seasonings – I Don’t Wanna Be in Love

Ori Dagan – Clap on the Two & Four 

Ollie Case – Sunshine of My Life

Mort Garson – Let the Sunshine In 

Fred Spek – Happy Days Are Here Again

Friendly Rich – Spring is Here 

St. Dirt Elementary School – So Cry