Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – April 30, 2022

Peter Laine & The Nana’s – Keep Movin’

Marvin Hamlish – The Safari Club

Laura Greene – La La La 

Piero Umiliani – Floating

The Royal Jelly Orchestra – American Woman (feat. Frank Nevada) 

The Third Wave – Cantaloupe Island 

Optiganally Yours – Bionic Whale 

Mr. Scruff – Whalefish 

St. Dirt Elementary School – Poppy (feat. Poppy samples) 

Myk Freedman – Grand Opening at Ting

Eric Framond – Ghetto 

St. John’s Wood – Sunflower

Quintessence – Essence of Quintessence 

Loving – A Long Slow Little Wave Citizen, an Activity 

Ozo – Kites 

Club Des Belugas – Straight to Memphis 

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