Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – April 10, 2021

Jaymz Bee – You Put the Babe in Baby

Mary Margaret O’Hara – Over the Rainbow

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow

The Wozard of Iz – We’re Off to See the Wozard

Marie-Veronique Bourque – The Liar 

Peter Appleyard – There Will Never Be Another You

Fuzzy Love – Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Live)

Melleny Melody & John Henry Nyenhuis – Ocean Liner 

Friendly Rich – Where The Baker Sleeps  

Carl Strygg – Painted Ladies 

Royal Jelly Orchestra – Walking on the Moon (Feat. Jef Farquharson)

Ken Nordine – You’re Getting Better

Honey Novick – Now

Dusty Roads Rowe – Baby Your Love’s In Town  

Thugs at Bay – Words

Tim “Love” Lee – The Word (Remix) 

Camp Combo – Churla Burla (Feat. Fred Spek) 

Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power  

Mort Garson – Hair

Billy Van Singers – Why Oh Why 

Billy Van Singers – You’re Wrong