Peter Erskine Trio’s dazzling interplay captured on new album Live in Italy

Master jazz drummer Peter Erskine and his trio have captured their triumphant return to live performance on their new recording Live In Italy.

The album was recorded at a concert engagement in Camogli, Italy, on Nov. 19, 2021, following a two-week Italian tour. Erskine is joined onstage by his longtime trio members Alan Pasqua on keys and Darek Oles on bass.

On Live in Italy, listeners can expect vividly gorgeous performances of original material composed by each of the trio members, along with stellar arrangements of jazz standards. The original composition Dear Chick closes the set with a moving tribute to late piano titan Chick Corea. With Erskine at the lead, he masterfully shapes the dynamics of each piece to evoke an emotive experience.

“It should come as no surprise that Peter Erskine, Alan Pasqua and Darek Oles, who have played together for many years now, are, indeed, a perfect illustration of why trio playing in jazz is so important, beautiful, vulnerable and, ultimately, moving and powerful,” renowned bassist John Patitucci writes in the album’s liner notes.

Watch the trio perform The Honeymoon, which appears on Live in Italy:

Live in Italy is set during a beautiful evening in a concert hall in Camogli, where the trio delivered masterclass of jazz interplay during their first tour since the onset of pandemic. The context of a trio performance allows each musician to clearly state their point of view in relation to each other while simultaneously keeping up the interconnectedness of the group to express each composition at a high level. This performance provides a poignant example of this musical situation, documenting the seamless cohesion of a trio of this caliber.

“This entire set of music shows that although jazz is known for its freedom and individual expression, it is the power of the group, the community, the family, history and stories passed down by the elders that make it so important and unique,” Patitucci writes.

Here’s the track listing:

  1. Agrodolce
  2. New Hope
  3. Old School Blues
  4. Nuages
  5. Three-Quarter Molly
  6. Turnaround
  7. Con Alma
  8. Snowglobe
  9. The Honeymoon
  10. Dear Chick

Live in Italy arrives May 20, 2022, via Fuzzy Music.

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