Pat Metheny marks new era with Road to the Sun

Legendary guitarist Pat Metheny is beginning the latest chapter of his career with a new album called Road to the Sun.

The record is the first to be released by Metheny’s new label Modern Recordings, an imprint of BMG. The release marks the end of his two-decade run with Nonesuch and kicks off an exciting new era for the 20-time Grammy Award winner.

Produced by Steve Rodby, Road to the Sun, features two new Metheny compositions performed by leading guitarists Jason Vieaux and the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

Vieaux performs performs a four-movement solo guitar suite called Four Paths of Light, while the Grammy-winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet takes on the album’s six-movement, 25-minute titular centrepiece.

Listen to a preview of the new record below.

“Music is infinite and open. I have never felt limited by any of the cultural issues that live on the perimeter of the mission at hand,” said Metheny. “The quest that Modern Recordings is undertaking intersects perfectly with the kind of musician that I aspire to be. I am so excited to be able to continue the research under the auspices of this excellent team of people who love music without boundaries in the same way that I do.”

“It’s a big pleasure and honour to welcome Pat Metheny to Modern Recordings,” said the label’s senior vice-president, Christian Kellersmann. “Since his first album in 1976 he has developed a unique career as a musician, composer and as an artist, who has been always searching for new musical experiences. I am excited that he follows this path on his new album Road to the Sun, which opens another new chapter in his oeuvre.”

Road to the Sun will be released March 5 via Modern Recordings.

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