He is one of the city of Montreal’s favourite sons. He is a Canadian cultural and jazz treasure. There were a few early firsts at the piano that set out the course of Oliver Jones‘s career. At the early age of 5 he played at the Union United Church, and his first nightclub appearance was at 9. His career years number in the seventies.

Recognition of his artistry is stellar. He has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Order of Quebec, the Order of Canada, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. Canada has also honoured him with a stamp in his likeness as part of the Canada Post stamp program paying tribute to black history.

He has toured the world, and it is his tour of Nigeria that was the subject of a 1990 National Film Board of Canada documentary, Oliver Jones in Africa. Indeed, the spirited nature of the years of music-making belie his cool-mannered personality, but it is this very coolness that has led the richness of his artistry.