Nic Vasiliou is one of the most passionate young musicians in the Greater Toronto Area, with highly eclectic musical interests and a variety of functional industry skills.  As a pianist and keyboardist studying at York University, his work with established jazz musicians has allowed him to comfortably begin his career as a sideman for combos and large ensembles at Toronto’s most popular jazz venues.  In 2019, he was awarded with the prestigious Oscar Peterson Scholarship by his university for exceptional achievement in jazz performance.  He has led groups at the World of Jazz Festival in Brampton and participated in events for the TU Jazz Fest around the city.

The breadth of Nic’s musical interests goes well beyond the jazz tradition.  Since the spring of 2019, Nic has been involved with Cue the Lights Productions, where he has helped put on two major musical theatre productions, including an original show in December 2019 that featured many of his own arrangements.  The company has their sights on multiple productions for the year 2022.

Along with his solo and piano-trio work, Nic’s latest project has been with the York University jazz orchestra, where he has composed a variety of original music for the group.   Always ensuring that each arrangement has harmonic twists and turns, the music remains soulful while never shying away from adventurous improvisation, which best embodies Nic’s approach to every project he takes on.